New Arrivals

12V 5 Amp Adaptor

 600.00  594.00
Pace EADP-65FBA 12V 5A AC Power Adapter Supply The Pace EADP-65FBA is a robust AC power adapter designed to provide

USB To Dc Jack Male

 70.00 230.00  69.30 227.70
Connector Type USB A Usage/Application Mobile Phone Length 1.5 m Color Black Cable Size 30 inch Interface Type USB to

BOYA BY-M1DM Microphone

 1,500.00  1,485.00
Discover unparalleled audio clarity with the BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone, a technological marvel engineered for the audiophiles of

BOYA ll BY-M1 Microphone

 1,000.00  990.00
The BOYA BY-M1 is an omnidirectional Lavalier microphone ideal for vlogging, presentation, podcasting, live streaming, and much more. Custom Omnidirectional Capsule For High-Quality

D01V Micro Usb Data Cable

 70.00  69.30
High Speed Data Cable. safer charging current. Good for battery life Flexible Easy Durable

D01T Type C Data Cable

 80.00  79.20
Reasonable Designable Good Quality Product Smooth Durability Can Carry Any Where Fast File Transfer It can Be Charge Gadget too

Level Pipe

 25.00  24.75
1 meter Easy to use Extremely durable Used for supply of drinking water Used in IOT Projects Size : 8mm

Mini ZVS Induction Heating  Driver

 800.00  792.00
Product Description 1. This non tapped mini board, ZVS finished board, high-pressure package, cooling fan, etc. 2. This kit requires

CZ024-33 Car Mobile Phone Holder

 400.00  396.00
•Stable Without Shaking •360 degree Angle Adjustable •Unobstructed Visual Field

3366 Portable Tripod For Mobile Phones and Cameras

 1,500.00  1,485.00
Portable and Lightweight Tripod: made of lightweight aluminum alloy material, 52cm folded height, and design with portable handheld handle, easy

Portable Tripod For Cameras 3110

 450.00  445.50
Universal Phone Holder: This is a 100% Brand new with excellent quality, phone bracket is automatic elastic, stretch can clip

380A Portable Tripod For Mobile Phones and Digital Cameras

 1,400.00  1,386.00
Lightweight and compact design for easy travel and portability 360-degree rotation for capturing panoramic shots Built-in bubble level for perfect

Development Board

MEGA2560 R3 (ATmega2560-16AU CH340G) AVR USB board Development board with 30CM USB cable

 1,800.00  1,782.00
Description: Mega 2560 Arduino follows Open-source principles, which means you can freely download the development environment and many associated resources.

Nano V3.0 ATMEGA328P micro-controller board CH340 soldered WITH CABLE

 850.00  841.50
Description: The Nano Board R3 with CH340 chip without USB Cable chipboard is based on the famous Arduino platform and

ESP32 Lite V1.0.0 for wifi Module + BLE board based ESP-32 esp 32 Rev1 4MB FLASH

 1,500.00  1,485.00
The WEMOS LOLIN32 Lite Board is the successor to the ESP8266. In addition to WiFi, the microcontroller also has Bluetooth and

ESP32 S2 Mini WiFi Module 4MB

 600.00  594.00
ESP32 S2 Mini WiFi Module ESP32-S2 4MB Flash Type-C Connect Internet of Things Development Board Compatible with MicroPython Product Features:

Uno R3 SMD with CH340 USB

 1,100.00  1,089.00
This is the Arduino Uno R3 compatible version. In addition to all the features of the previous board, this version is optimized

Mini Assembled Experiment Solar Car Toys Energy Car Robot Kit Set

 350.00  346.50
Solar Powered Toy DIY Educational Toys Science for Children Mini Assembled Experiment Solar Car Toys Energy Car Robot Kit Set

10X15cm Copper Clad Laminate One Single Side Plate FR4

 150.00  148.50
This Is A High Quality Single Sided Fr2 / Phenolic General Purpose PCB. It Is Used For Rapid Prototyping Design.

Trending Products

9 Volt Rechargeable battery MP 9v battery 300mAh

 450.00  445.50
Introducing the MP 6F22 rechargeable battery – your ultimate solution for environmentally friendly and cost-effective power. These Ni-MH batteries offer

5v 1A Power Adapter

 200.00  198.00
This AC/DC Power Adapter design with a flat US plug to 5.5mmx2.1mm Male plug and long cable. It works at

Type-C USB 3S BMS 15W Lithium Battery Charging Boost Module

 320.00  316.80
Type-C USB 3S BMS 15W  12.6V 1.5A Lithium Battery Charging Boost Module With Balanced Support Fast Charge With Indicator This

Soil Moisture Detector Module Soil Humidity Sensor Meter Hygrometer Water Tester Corrosion Resistance Probe DC 3.3- 12V

 700.00  693.00
Module size: 36*15*7Quantity: 3.3-12VDCCurrent: working andlt;20mAOutput andlt;30maConnection port: + – DO AOEquity: digital outputAO: analog output (voltage)After power on, the

12V 10A SMPS

 1,100.00  1,089.00
Designed for long term reliability and safety, this 120W 12V constant voltage LED power supply is designed for use with

Midio KB-9 Wired Keyboard

 450.00  445.50
Regular slim keyboard Comfortable keypad High quality, lifetime of keys upto 100,000,000 times Excellent flexible Multi-language design System support: applicable

3366 Portable Tripod For Mobile Phones and Cameras

 1,500.00  1,485.00
Portable and Lightweight Tripod: made of lightweight aluminum alloy material, 52cm folded height, and design with portable handheld handle, easy

Arduino Nano V3.0 Solderless (Without Cable)

 750.00  742.50
Arduino Nano is a small, breadboard-friendly development board based on an ATmega 328P SMD package microcontroller and offers the same connectivity and

DC 12V Large Torque 775 Motor

 650.00  643.50
Specifications: Model: 775 Shaft Diameter: 5mm Shaft Length: 14mm Body Length: 66.7mm Front Steps Diameter: 17.4 mm Body Diameter: 42

Small Lithium Polymer Lipo Battery of 300mAh 3.7v

 300.00  297.00
Compatible for: Bluetooth BatteryModel Number: 402020PCapacity:300mAh Warranty Duration: No WarrantyCountry of Origin: India -Best replacement for the original battery with

Snow/Raindrops Detection Sensor Module

 200.00  198.00
3.3-5V Rain Raindrops Detection Sensor Weather Humidity Module For Arduino Brand New Feature: 1.The sensor USES the high quality FR