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100W 5A USB Type-C QC Decoy Trigger Board

Product features:   The TYPEC interface is integrally formed, solid and durable, and the keys are purchased with good touch

12v 1000w Inverter, 12v to 120v/220v Power Inverter

This 12V DC to 110V/220V AC power inverter generates 1000 Watt continuous and 2000 Watt surge power which can be applicable for

12V 10A SMPS

Designed for long term reliability and safety, this 120W 12V constant voltage LED power supply is designed for use with


Input voltage: 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz.Output voltage: 12 V DC, 3AConnector size 5.5 mm (outer diameter) x 2.1 mm


Features:Switch power supply, convert AC 110V/220V to DC 12V .Dual input voltage: AC 110V/220V. There is a switch, choose the

18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Module 1.77 inch TFT Digital Display Voltage Current Power Meter Cumulative Capacity

This product supports single channel internal resistance and capacity measurement; supports charging and up to 9 charging-and-discharging cycles in automatic

22.5W Quick Charging Mobile Power Module QC4.0

22.5W Quick Charging Mobile Power Module QC4.0 PD3.0 5 Port Dual USB Mobile Power Bank Circuit Board Protection Diy Motherboard 

24V 3A AC DC Adapter Charger

For mini-TV, 2.5-inch mobile hard disk, mobile DVD, TV box, wireless audio and video equipment, charging equipment, MP3 / MP4,

Adjustable Power Supply Multi Voltage Adapter AC 220V TO 12V DC 9V 6V 7V 5V 3V Converter Adapter Adjustable Plug 6 3A 30W

Power Input: AC100V-240V 50-60HzPower Output: DC3V/4.5V/6V/7.5V9V/12VPower: 30WRated output current: 3APlug Type:EU Plug,it applies to Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and

DC 12V-60V Lead-acid Li-ion Digital Battery Capacity Indicator Charge Tester Voltmeter

DC 12V-60V DC Digital Lead Acid Battery Capacity LED Indicator Voltmeter Tester is Lead Acid / Lithium Ion Battery Capacity

HW-586 ZB2L3 Battery Tester LED Digital Display 18650 Lithium Battery Power Supply Test

HW-586 battery capacity tester discharge type 1.2-12V external load capacity of the battery and other tests 18650Tools, single-function, by controlling

150W Car DC 12V to AC 110V 220V 20KHZ Power Inverter Charger Converter Boost Board high frequency square wave

Features: Transform voltage from DC 12V to AC 110V 220V. Output waveform: frequency square wave. Adopt high quality PCB board,