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3.3-5V Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module

Description:Barometric Pressure Sensor Module [3.3V-5V] [0-40KPa] is a compact air pressure sensor board, which is based on the piezo-resistive pressure

4Pcs 50KG Human Scale Load Cell Weight Sensors + HX711 Module

This load sensor, sometimes called a strain gauge, is the same one found in digital bathroom scales.* The sensor is

5 Channel IR Infrared Detector Tracking Line Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module For Smart Car Robot Diy Kit

5 channel IR sensor: Based on the TRCT5000 infrared reflection sensor, the TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared

Active Buzzer 12V

Input Voltage(Max.) : 12V Resistance: 120KΩ to 300MΩ Resonance Frequency: 2048 Hz Sound pressure(dB(A)/10cm)min.: 80 Body Size : 12 x

Angle Switch Sensor Module

SW520D Tilt Sensor Module is a simple, inexpensive sensor that can use to detect the tilt of an object. Tilt

Bathroom Mirror Touch Switch

Feature: Touch sensing technology, easy and simple to operate. It has background light for the touch switch board,it’s incorporated,when the