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Photodiode module detects brightness light-sensitive light detector Photosensiti

Product description: Parameter: Chip: TPA3110 Condition:XH-A232 Application:Computer Supply Voltage:DC8V-26V Dissipation Power:30W+30W Size:53*45*14mm Channels:2 (2.0) Output impedance:4-8ohm Current: more than 3A

Short Distance Scan Sensor Sweep Hand Sensor Switch Module 36W 3A Constant Volta

Product parameters: Model: XK-GK-4010A/B Operating voltage: Input: 12 V Output: 12 V Output type: Double output Detection range: adjustable 10-50

Sound Sensor Module

DESCRIPTION The Sound Sensor Module detects sound waves and outputs an amplified analog version of the waveform PACKAGE INCLUDES: Sound