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1604 LCD Blue Screen 16×4 Character LCD



Shape size: 86.96*60*13mm

Display area: 62.3*27.6mm
Character number: 16*4
Glass type: yellow green film / blue film

Backlight types: yellow green light / Blue
Operating voltage: 5V
Working temperature: -20 -70℃
Storage temperature: -30 -80℃
Interface definition:
Standard 16X4 LCD character module
1604 the standard 16 foot interface, which:
First feet: VSS for ground power
Second feet: VDD 5V positive power supply
Third feet: V0 is the contrast adjustment terminal of LCD, when the positive power supply is the weakest, the contrast is the highest when the grounding power is the highest. When the contrast is too high, it will generate ghosting. When using it, we can adjust the contrast through a 10K potentiometer.
Fourth feet: RS is a register selection, the high power usually selects the data register, the low normal selection instruction register.
Fifth feet: R/W is read and write signal line, high power normally read operation, low electricity usually write operation. When RS and RW work together for low power, they can write instructions or display addresses. When RS is low level, RW can read busy signals at high power. When RS is high level, RW can write data for low power.
Sixth feet: the E end makes the end, when the E end from high level jump into low power, the LCD module executes the command.
Seventh to 14 feet: D0 ~ D7 were 8 bi-directional data lines.
Fifteenth feet: backlight power cathode
Sixteenth feet: backlight power supply negative pole
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