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AC/DC to DC Buck Step Down Converter Module LM2596HV 3v 3.3V 5V 6V 9V 12V 15V 24V DC 5V-50V Adjustable Step-Down 3A Power Supply


The power module adopts the plug-in LM2596HV, the high voltage version of the LM2596. The maximum input voltage is 50V (limited by the filter capacitor withstand voltage). The external heat sink can withstand high current operation. The input terminal uses a 4A rectifier bridge stack to input AC power, and has a dedicated DC input port, which is commonly used for AC and DC input. The output voltage can be adjusted from 3.3V to 33V, and the output voltage will vary with different input voltage ranges.

Input AC voltage AC5V-AC30V or DC5V-50V, due to the large fluctuation of AC voltage, the recommended AC voltage range has reserved margin. The power module has a maximum input voltage of 50V (limited by the filter capacitor withstand voltage) and a heat sink. The output current can work stably at 2.2A output current for a long time, and can work at 3A output current for a short time. The front of the PCB has the name of the silk screen terminal, and the back side also has the name of the silk screen terminal. When soldering the lead, please recognize it and solder it to prevent damage.

Electrical Parameters:

Input voltage range: AC 5V-30V, DC 5V-50V

Output output range: DC 3.3V-33V

Output current range: up to 2.2A (the regulator chip can withstand a maximum current of 3A, can work at 3A output current for a short time

Module size: 51mm*26mm

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