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KK Flight Controller

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KK 2.1.5 Multi-Rotor Control Board is the next Big/Small evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. It utilizes a built in GUI using a high resolution mini LCD and 4 micro buttons for the KK experience. It is designed to provide benefit to bring multi-rotor flight to everyone, not just the experts. It has updated gyro system to an incredibly sensitive 6050 MPU system, making this the most stable KK board ever and allowing for the addition of an auto-level function. It can applicable for various flight quadcopters.

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Name KK 2.1.5 Multi-Rotor Control Board
Input Voltage  4.8-6.0V
IC  Atmega644 PA
Gyro/Acc  6050MPU InvenSense Inc.
Auto level  Yes
AVR Interface  Standard 6 Pin.
Signal From Receiver  1520us (5 Channels)
Signal To ESC  1520us
Size 36x36x11.5mm (Mounting Holes 30.5×30.5mm)
Weight 8.6g
LCD Size 24*18mm
Mini Buttons Size Four 3.3*4.2mm
Voltage Sensor One Red Positive Pin Header For.
Input Rail  Single row 2.54mm Pitch Pin Header For Input Signal


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