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Lead Acid Battery Charger 3A


  • Product name 12Volt battery charger
  • Wide applications: Suitable for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, capacity is ≤ 25Ah ( considering the charging time), including Maintenance-free lead-acid battery, day battery, flooded battery backup battey,etc, for motorcycles, car,electric toys
  • Multi-Protections: Short circuit protection, overload protection,reverse connection protection,Temperature protection; Constant current, constant voltage, turbulent three-stage charging method, thus to protect the charger and battery
  • Intuitive Indicators: LED Indicator” red” = Charging, “green”= fully charged, Keep track of your battery loading status via the LED indicators so that you know when to unplug and go
  • Auto-Stop Charging when fully charged: When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop and transfer to the floating charging state. At this time, the charging has a repairing effect on the battery,avioding overcharging or insufficient charging, resulting in a smaller capacity and a shorter service life.
  • Soft start function: 12V Output,the starting current is small, apro 1300mA, effectively reducing the AC input impact, can withstand frequent switch activation without damage to the charger and battery
  • The charger without work, please unplug the power supply.
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