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Soil Moisture Detector Module Soil Humidity Sensor Meter Hygrometer Water Tester Corrosion Resistance Probe DC 3.3- 12V


Module size: 36*15*7
Quantity: 3.3-12VDC
Current: working andlt;20mA
Output andlt;30ma
Connection port: – DO AO
Equity: digital output
AO: analog output (voltage)
After power on, the power indicator is on and the module starts working.
Output: Switching converter
Type: Humidity sensor
Application: Moisture sensor
Model: soil moisture module
Principle: Capacitive Sensor
Shipping Content: 1 x Soil Moisture Sensor Module/Soil Moisture Detector Module/Arduino Corrosion Resistant Probe
• Soil Moisture Sensor Module Soil Moisture Detection Module / Corrosion Resistance Probe for arduino 
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