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Tripp Swg 18/20 Soldering Wire

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  • High Quality Electronical Solder: Great and brilliant welding joint while 90% lesser slag and smoke, fits various kinds of soldering iron.

Soldering Tips:

  •  Heat up the soldering iron.
  • After soldering iron is fully heated, use a wet sponge to softly scrape the tip to remove old solder.
  • Wait seconds to heat and dry the iron, carefully apply a small amount of fresh solder and coat the tip for pre-soldering before start.
  •  When soldering two components together, place the soldering iron on the part where you want to touch, hold it there for a second.
  •  Slide the solder underneath the tip of the iron, sandwiching it to the joining part, and hold it for another second or two, feeding in enough solder you need.
  • Pull away the solder first, and continue holding the iron for another second to let the solder forming a good joint.
  • Remove the iron, wait a few seconds and let the solder natural cooling. A good soldering done.


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