Fantech Hg-9 Captain 7.1 Full Size Gaming Headset
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Fantech Hg-9 Captain 7.1 Full Size Gaming Headset

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FANTECH HG9 (Captain 7.1) Stereo Headset for Gaming Headset Gaming Headset with surround-sound microphones, surround-sound with headphone fog lights, volume control with FPS TPS (black / red)

Powerful headphones. Ready to meet every beat. The sound of the 7.1 sound and 40mm loudspeaker with the volume just 10%, then the 100% and then I guarantee it. Large headband headphones Lightweight, comfortable to wear. With button Volume control or turn on the microphone with a built-in microphone. Connect the head with a USB head and adjust the system with a specific driver of the Fantech HG9 with all the power that makes the power of the HG9 a buzz. Suitable for all types of games such as FPS, RTS, MMORPG, MOBA, RPG with sound at a price.

( Please adjust the volume, otherwise you will be shocked by the power of the HG9Captain 7.1)

**** the driver before use ****


Light weight for a long time.
Contrast Controller
Leather cover
Connected with a USB hub
There are lights around the ear.
Comfortable, not hurt.
Suitable for playing RPS FPS games.
Extra thick cable for long life.
Use a specific driver of Fantech HG9.


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