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4 Channel 315Mhz Key Wireless Remote Control Kits Receiver module

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Super-regenerative receiver module uses LC oscillation circuit, containing amplification and shaping, the output of the data signal for the decoded high-level signal, the use of extremely convenient, and inexpensive, it is widely used.

-With four decoding output (also can be changed to six-way jog or interlock output), easy to use.
-Easy debugging frequency, short supply cycle.

-Product quality consistency, cost-effective.

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Operating voltage (V): DC5V
Quiescent current (mA): 4.5MA
Modulation: AM (OOK)
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Receiving Sensitivity (dBm): – 105DB
Operating frequency (MHz): 315
Encoding method: pad code (fixed code)
Work: M4 (jog: hold down do not let go on the output, a let go to stop the output)
Size (LWH): 41*23*7mm/1.61*0.91*0.28inch

Application area:
Wireless remote control switch, remote control socket, data transmission, remote control toys, burglar alarm host, garage door, roll gate, road gate, retractable door and other door control industry and its remote control audio field
Package includes:
1 * IC2262/2272 4 channel

1 * 4 key Wireless remote controller


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