Brush speed controller ESC

Description Speed controller ESC 30A brush motor regulator with brake for RC car, boat, tank. With reverse ratio 1/1 and

12V 60 RPM Centre Shaft DC Geared Motor

Metal gears are the most resistant to wear and damage. The gearbox is completely sealed and lubricated with lithium grease,

70 x 20 mm Robot Wheel

This is the 7 x 2 cm gear motor robot wheel, These wheels can be used with the motors having

BO Motor Wheel

BO Motor Wheel The BO Motor Wheel is easy to mount, durable and cheap. These wheels have a hole that

Dynamo motor and generator

A Dynamo is an electrical generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator. It consists of two

Arrows Model 7350S Powerbank(30000 Mah)

A High Capacity Power Bank 30000mah lithium polymer battery Fast charging 22.5Woutput with3 usb and type C ports 3 input

Focus F-35 Charger (18w)

Fast Charging Support Give your mobile devices the powerful and safe charging support they deserve. This Wall Charger provides Super

ALEWA AL-C2 Charger 22 watt

Input : 110V-240V OUTPUT : 3.4Ampere USB PORT : Single Type : EURO 4.8mm Type C Charger 22.5Watt Fat Pin


Crocodile Alligator Clip

High temperature resistance battery clamp. 45mm Crocodile Alligator Clip Alligator clip, Crocodile clip, battery clamps with best quality . Alligator

12V 10A SMPS

Designed for long term reliability and safety, this 120W 12V constant voltage LED power supply is designed for use with

Micro SD Storage Board Mciro SD TF Card Memory SPI Shield Module For Arduino

Feature: Control Interface: A total of six pins (GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS), GND to ground, VCC is the

D882 Transistor

The D882 is a medium power NPN transistor that features a high collector-emitter breakdown voltage and medium current carrying capability. It can also be

Mini DC12V 3m 240L/H Brushless Motor Submersible Water Pump Home G08 Drop ship

Pump material: ABS. Color:Black Specification : Ultra-quiet DC 12V 3M 240L/H Brushless Submersible Water Pump High Qualtiy mini electric submersible

10X15cm Copper Clad Laminate One Single Side Plate FR4

This Is A High Quality Single Sided Fr2 / Phenolic General Purpose PCB. It Is Used For Rapid Prototyping Design.