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Arc cigarette lighter parts DIY electronic lighter kit High voltage igniter



The input terminal of this product is connected to DC 3-5V power supply. When the secondary high-voltage output is not connected to high-voltage rectifier diode and capacitor, the output two-stage line end can produce a purple high-temperature arc of ≤0.8 cm or so, without hum, but the temperature is very high. It is easy to order paper cigarettes in an instant, and even a very thin wire is burnt in sparks (such as the scene where fine iron wire burns in oxygen during junior high school chemical tests, but not as severe as in oxygen)

The transformer has been packaged with resin, which has high safety and can work reliably for a long time. However, it is recommended that the cigarette be energized for less than 1 minute each time, pay attention to heat dissipation.

Voltage and current power: DC 3-5V, current 5A, 15W or more. A 3.7V 18650 lithium battery is recommended.
Output pulse voltage: 0.5kv-0.8kv
Working frequency 20khz-25khz
Arc distance: 5-8 mm

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