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NEO 7M GPS Module


The U-blox NEO-7M GPS Module is ideal for all sorts of development boards, Arduino projects and more. It can operate on voltages between 3 and 6V DC, and has a simple serial output which blasts out the NMEA GPS data at 9600 baud.

Arduino users – this works perfectly with the TinyGPS  library. With the 7M you can also extract navigation data with this Arduino library.


  • GPS modules NEO-7M, 3V-5V power supply
  • Using imported u-blox NEO-7M-0-000 GPS module
  • Module with ceramic destined antenna, signal super
  • EEPROM power down to save the configuration parameter data
  • With data backup battery
  • There are LED lights
  • High quality Immersion Gold PCB
  • Antenna Size: 12x12mm
  • Module Size: 23x30mm
  • Installation Diameter: 3mm
  • Supply Voltage: 3V-5V
  • The default baud rate: 9600


  • GND – GND
  • Vcc – connect to 5V or 3.3V
  • TX – data from GPS module – connect to your board’s RX pin
  • RX – data to the GPS module – connect to your board’s TX pin
  • PPS – time pulse output


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