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PAM8610 Amplifier Board


Technical parameters:
1. Supply voltage: DC 7V-15V
2. Output power: 15w 15w (8 load)
3. Efficiency: 90%
4. Shutdown Current: 4uA
5. Quiescent current; 20mA
6. SNR: 86%
7. Total harmonic distortion: 5W / 1KHz / 8 —- 0.1%
8. Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
9. Input impedance: 15K
10. Output Impedance: 4-8
11. Amplifier board size: 30mm * 25mm * 2.5mm


How to use:
1. The power supply voltage limit is 16.5V, do not use more than this voltage.
2. The power supply is recommended for 12v, 3A power supply filter better
3. 4-8 inch stereo speakers recommended.
4. Do not short-circuit the audio output to each other or shorted to ground.
5. Carefully check before electricity, ensure wiring is correct before electricity.


Package Included:
1 x PAM8610 Amplifier Board

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